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Rock-A-Billy Goat Milk Soap was started by my dad, Rich and his wife Trish, at the end of 2017, they decided to move to a small acreage in rural Colorado.  Of course, almost immediately they thought it would be a great idea to get goats so they could try the milk because their toddler, Sam had severe allergies to everything including formula along with skin issues. Their first nanny goat had kids on March 15 and the adventure really began. They learned how to milk her, but couldn't drink the milk right away.  Wondering what to do with a freezer full of goat milk, they learned to make goat milk soap.  When Sam’s eczema cleared up, they tried lotion.  Trish loved the feel of the lotion!  She’d never been a lotion person because she couldn't stand the greasy feeling it left behind.  Goat milk lotion rubs right in without that feeling.  Finally, they started drinking the milk and it was much easier on their systems.  However, they loved the soap so much, they decided to share it with others. In April 2020 Trish passed away leaving her love for the soap to me so dad and I decided to open a brick and mortar store as well as this website for others to enjoy.  We are still learning and our soap is ever evolving, mostly for the better.  We believe natural soap and skin products are so much better than all the chemicals in store-bought bars.  We'll be trying laundry soap next!

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